White Pine & Red Maple

The Aldershot Winner for 2016-2017

White Pine Club Books and Club!
Meetings are Feb. 15, Mar. 1, Mar. 22, Apr. 5, Apr. 19
P.3 at 11:00am in Seminar Room B

The White Pine reading program offers high school students a chance to read some great Canadian  fiction titles.  If you read 5/10 White Pine books, you can vote on your favourite in April! 


Last Year's White Pine Winner!

Red Maple Books for 2016/2017!
The Red Maple  reading program offers students in grades 7 and 8  a chance to read some great Canadian young adult fiction titles.  Vote on your favourite! Mrs. Ward is the contact for Red Maple!

        Red Maple Readers!  Here's Your 2016 Winner!

Red Maple Titles for 2015/2016

White Pine Titles for 2015/2016


Congratulation to Rush--the 2014-2015 White Pine Forest of Reading Winner!

Congratulations to Creeps--Aldershot's White Pine choice for 2014-2015!

Congratulation to The Rule of Three--the 2014-2015 Red Maple Winner!

Congratulations to Dead Man's Switch--Aldershot's 2014-2015 Red Maple Choice!